Achieve the Impossible.

Watermelon revolutionises customer service with state-of-the-art GPT-4 powered AI technology. Designed for mid-sized and large enterprises, our user-friendly platform seamlessly manages and enhances customer interactions.

We’re looking for strong personalities and creative minds to strengthen our team to make our dream come true. You'll love working with us if you're passionate, honest and like to have fun while doing your job!

In the heart of Utrecht's city center, our small startup is driven by big ambitions. We are seeking individuals who thrive in a dynamic and energetic work environment—a team of A-players who relish the challenge of accomplishing the impossible together.

Our ideal work environment is fueled by individuals who possess a relentless drive to get things done. We value autonomy and resourcefulness, empowering our team members to utilize their preferred tools, whether it's the vast knowledge of Google or any other resource. However, we also understand the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from working cohesively as a team.

Learning is at the core of our culture. We believe in the hunger to continuously improve and strive for better. In an ever-evolving landscape, we know that growth and adaptability are essential. Together, we push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and create innovative solutions that transform the customer service landscape.

By automating repetitive tasks, we liberate businesses to focus on meaningful and strategic work. Join us in our mission to unlock valuable time for critical matters. Be part of the Watermelon team, where we work hard, have fun, and support each other on the journey to success.

Are you ready to make an impact? Join us today and together, let's turn aspirations into achievements.

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Applying at Watermelon

Our values

🎡 Fun

We work hard and have fun on the road to reaching our goals. The witty jokes of colleagues occur day to day at our office. We celebrate peaks and pits, together with the whole team. Memorable barbecues, boat trips, go-karting, games and even trips to the Efteling are activities we’ve done in the past, with more new adventures to come. As a result everyone goes the extra mile!

🤝 Unity

Together we can achieve our goals easier than alone, we’ve got us covered. When you become a Melon, you are immediately adopted into this group of co-workers. We value each other and this is reflected in the way we treat and interact with each other. As a team we have one common goal: getting Watermelon out there! Many hands make great work.

💯 Superb

We always over-deliver, even if it takes a little bit more time. Whe combine the impact of Watermelon with our personal ambition. This creates intrinsic motivation, and this is most powerful. Therefore, a superb goal for each project and all delivered work will be stimulated.

🥇 Inspiring

We inspire each other to push ourselves and Watermelon as far as we can. We grant each other successes and inspire each other to achieve goals.We want to welcome the best of ourselves by giving and receiving feedback.

🗝️ Ownership

We take responsibility for our work and receive the freedom to make our own decisions.Taking ownership means you decide for yourself how to get work done and feel responsible for your own results. Therefore we are encouraged to develop ourselves and our work and to lift it to a higher level.

❤️ No Bullshit

We’re open, honest and direct in communication, respectfully.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We care about people, and value their background, history, preferences and beliefs. To bring this variety of people together, we offer everyone equal opportunities to work within the organization. When we are looking for new Melons, our People team bases their approach on the objective requirements of the position. We always consider the impact a person might make.

Culture, background, inclusive Holidays and subjects like these are often discussed at the lunch table. Our values and social culture allows us to embrace equality. In our culture, as long as it is respectful, everything can be asked. We are very curious and interested about each other’s beliefs, practices and preferences. We learn a lot from each other and will always cheer for fellow-Melons to be and find themselves. Not only in the workplace, but also personally.

Life at Watermelon